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  • Interior Project Guide 2 - Choosing Colour

Interior Project Guide

Choosing Colour


Choosing colour is probably the most exciting part of a home makeover... but with so many hues and shades, where do you begin? Here, we break down how colour can make you feel, and give some tips and trips to choosing between the many different shades of whites and greys.


If you're ready to see what specific colours look like, click here to see Dulux Wash & Wear and click the add colour button to view 1000's of paint colours across all brands.


See how your colour choices can effect the feeling your space creates.


Red represents energy, power and passion. It’s also been found to stimulate appetite so it’s a common choice for dining rooms and kitchen splashbacks.

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Orange is a warm and happy colour that creates a sense of joy, and is often used as an accent colour to liven up a space.

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Yellow has different effects depending on how much is used. Generally, yellow is a happy and uplifting colour but when overused it can be distracting and overwhelming.

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Green conveys a sense of renewal and growth, and blends easily with any room.

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Blue is generally a peaceful colour. Light blue can make a room appear bright and refreshing, while a deep blue creates a sense of pride and dignity.

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Purple and Violet

Purple and Violet combines the calm of blue and the energy of red. Violet is often used in bedrooms to communicate an air of serenity and tranquillity.

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Brown and Beige

Brown and beige colours evoke strength and reliability. The earthy tone is best suited to rooms like a bedroom or lounge room where a feeling of comfort and safety is desired.

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Neutral tones include shades of white, taupe and grey. They are an easy colour choice as they work with most furniture. Neutral colours can be stylish and dramatic.

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Black is a bold colour choice that oozes sophistication and elegance.  Black is a great choice for feature walls when wanting to make a statement.

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Choosing the right white is not as easy as it sounds! Your furnishings, lighting, and style of home will all play a role in choosing the right white for you space.

Cool Whites

Cool whites have a subtle grey, beige or blue undertone. They are a popular choice in modern and contemporary homes and spaces, and when wanting to achieve a minimalist look.

Popular cool whites:  Dulux Vivid White, Dulux Lexicon Quarter, Berger Ice Fountain, Porter’s Paints Snow White.

Warm Whites

Warm whites create a cosy feel to a room, popular with traditional and country style homes. The subtle peach, yellow and pink undertones help create an earthy, organic and natural boho feel.

Popular warm whites: Dulux Natural White, Dulux Antique White U.S.A, Berger White Score, Porter’s Paints Lace.


Natural and artificial lighting can have an impact on how the final colour is seen to the eye. Houses with less natural light are better suited to warmer whites to create a warmer feel, whereas cool white are better suited to houses with more natural light.

Nowadays, lights are available in warm light, cool lights, frosted lights, original lights – the possibilities are endless! Your choice of light globe can change the way your colour choice looks. A cool globe in a warm white room will not look as warm.


Grey is the second most popular colour choice amongst Aussies completing a DIY project, but can be a tricky colour to work with. Choosing the right shade of grey is important to make sure it pairs well with existing flooring and furnishings.

Cool Greys

Cool greys are a great choice when you want to make a room seem large and more spacious. The choice of a cool grey tone adds character to a room while creating a clean, crisp feel.  The blue undertone of a cool grey pairs well with navy, teal and turquoise to create a modern and stylish room.

Popular cool greys: Dulux Grey Pail, Dulux Water Worn, Dulux Miller Mood

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Warm Greys

Warm greys are a beautiful soft and serene choice. The yellow undertones of a warm grey create a warm, cosy and inviting vibe to a room. A warm grey adds warmth and light to a room that contains minimal natural light, and works well with a subtle neutral palette.

Popular warm greys: Dulux Hildegard, Dulux Silkwort, Dulux Silver Tea Set

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Deep/Dark Greys

Deep, dark greys like charcoals are the perfect choice for creating a dramatic statement in a room. A popular choice for a feature wall, a dark grey tone creates a sophisticated feel to a room. Pairing well with bright colours, the dark tone of the grey helps the bright and bold colour pop that little bit more!

Popular deep greys: Dulux Ticking, Dulux Wayward Grey, Dulux Domino

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Light/Soft Greys

Lighter and softer greys are becoming an increasingly popular choice as the staple colour throughout a home. Offering an alternative to whites, soft silvery hues create a subtle and calming feel to a room. Lighter greys pair well with pastel colours to create a fresh, light vibe.

Popular soft greys: Dulux Highgate, Dulux Paramount Design, Dulux Sky Painting

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If you aren't wanting to stick to a single colour selection, selecting a colour scheme can give your room more character and depth.


Monochromatic colour schemes include different shades of colours from one hue group. For example:
  • Ceiling: Dulux Hawkesbury
  • Main Wall: Dulux Moncur
  • Lower Wall: Dulux Green Gables


An Achromatic colour scheme is often incorrectly referred to as a monochromatic colour scheme. Achromatic schemes are created from black, white and grey tones.


Complimentary colour schemes are schemes that are made from clashing colours - they are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Complimentary colour schemes are often used when trying to create a retro colour scheme, or used in bright commercial spaces.

interior style types:

Interior styling and furnishings play a large role in finishing the overall look and feel of a room. The interior style and furnishing choices should pair with your chosen paint colour to give that complete look.


Modern interior design highlights the functionality of a space in a simplistic, uncluttered manner with clean, crisp lines. Monochromatic colour palettes are most suited to modern interior spaces which emphasises the clean, simple design.

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Contemporary design isn’t restricted to style or period of time; it borrows elements from other design styles, particularly popular styles in current trends. There are however some characteristics that help to define contemporary design such as neutral palettes, minimalism, clean lines and organic silhouettes. Contemporary design is fluid and constantly evolving, perfect if you like to update your space regularly.

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Coastal style is all about bringing those light and airy beach vibes inside. This style is very prominent in Byron Bay, Northern NSW, which celebrates a relaxing holiday vibe all year round. Mixing timbers with natural elements including fresh or dried palm fronds, layered with jute rugs and loads of fresh greenery bring these relaxing holiday vibes to life.

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Industrial style is characterised by raw materials, brick, and steel beams; think converted warehouse, loft apartments, high ceilings, exposed beams. Colour palettes that emphasise industrial style include moody charcoals, black, soft greys, tan leathers with pops of natural greenery to bring the space to life.

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Scandinavian styling celebrates the simplicity of life, blending functionality and simplicity seamlessly. Spaces are carefully designed to avoid overcrowding, thus promoting an easy, relaxed lifestyle. White is the key colour palette in all scandi design with warmth constructed through layers of light coloured wood and soft colours.

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Traditional design is classic in style and features rich mahogany wood tones, ornate architectural details. Traditionally designed rooms are heavily influenced by classic European style often furnished with elaborate furniture, velvet and silk textures. The modern take on this style embraces more neutral tones in wall colour to brighten the space, whilst still accentuating the architectural features of the room.

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Bohemian style is very carefree and spirited with almost no rules. Think layered textures, rich patterns and prints, vibrant and bold colours. Taking inspiration from international styles from India and Morocco, the boho style is eclectic and bright.

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Art Deco

Art Deco captures the glamour and luxury of the Roaring 20’s and is strongly influenced by architecture. Strong lines, geometric shapes and bold patterns embody art deco style, creating a sleek and elegant space. Colour palettes are rich and bold, blending glass, chrome and gold effortlessly.

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Shabby-chic is a timeless look which brings together vintage style and antique décor, evoking soft femininity evoked by the French countryside. The colour palette is quite neutral, softened by pastels, creating a wonderfully casual yet elegant space. 

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decorative effects types:

Decorative Effect paints helps you add those special details to make your home unique and full of character. Use a decorative effect to create a statement wall, highlight an architectural feature or add a luxurious finish to home accessories.


Glitter paint gives walls, woodwork or accessories a glittery shimmer effect. Perfect for creating a sophisticated and versatile look in residential or commercial spaces; glitter paint is ideal for bedrooms, furniture and feature walls.

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Chalk paint is a very matt paint with a chalky, soft appearance. Chalk paint is the perfect choice for upcycling and creating unique pieces within your home, creating distressed and elegant effects on furniture and shelving.

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Enjoy the refined modern industrial textural effect of polished concrete. Make a statement in your home on interior walls in the living room, bedroom, or study by replicating the raw, industrial-inspired beauty of concrete.

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A suede textured paint will instantly increase character, comfort and warmth in your home. The plush, velvety look and feel of suede adds texture and sophistication to any room.

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Bring the natural look and texture of stone into your home on feature walls and architectural features to create a textured and tactile surface.  Stone paint can be used either indoors or out to achieve the matt, earthy feel of weathered natural stone.

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Create the lustrous look of metallic copper in your home on feature walls and home accessories.  The rich warmth of copper instantly adds radiance to a room. Copper Effect can be applied in different ways to achieve a new look, get creative to make it your own. Adding the Patina Effect to create the glowing verdigris green will add to the beauty and grandeur of age.

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Practical and fun, create an instant chalkboard in kids' bedrooms, on toy boxes, furniture, the office or the kitchen. Chalkboard paint is perfect to create a space to write lists, memos and reminders or a spot to keep the kids entertained near the kitchen is such a wonderful addition to any home.

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Metallic paint is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room! Channelling the sophisticated radiance of gleaming metal, metallic paint reflects light and creates the appearance of brushed, precious metals.

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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel gives an authentic sleek, stylish stainless steel appearance to feature walls, architectural features and home accessories. Stainless Steel paint adds warmth, purity and urban chic to any décor and looks stunning when used in combination with other textures, such as timber or tiles.

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Pearl effect paint adds a touch of luxury in your home on feature walls and accessories, achieving a really elegant interior. Its beautiful satin gleam that will give your walls a stunning pearl-like sophistication.

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Rust effect paint provides an authentic rusted iron finish. The rugged beauty of rusted iron makes a bold, industrial style statement for both indoor and outdoor feature walls.

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The shimmering and opulent Gold paint creates a look of modern elegance and luxury when added to feature walls and trims. For a more a subtle touch of luxury and sophistication, its perfect for picture frames, pots and furniture.

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