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  • Tips for Cool Kids Room Projects
Tips for Cool Kids Room Projects

Tips for Cool Kids Room Projects

Give the apple of your eye a bedroom just as special as they are. Think outside the box with these helpful, on-trend paint colour tips.

Paint for Kids

The most effective makeover to a child’s bedroom is of course to paint the walls. For the cost of 4 litres of paint, you can totally transform a space in only a day. Don’t just paint the walls either, have a look around and see what else could be painted, like chests of drawers, book shelves, toy boxes, even desks and chairs.

Dulux Wash&Wear is a must for children's room as it has a high washability for marks and scuffs and even pencil or crayon scribbles on walls.

Colour for Kids

Most colours can work well in a child’s room if you choose the right intensity of the colour, appropriate for the age and what the bedroom is primarily used for... sleep. The most common mistake people can make when painting children’s rooms is they pick the brightest colours on the chart.

Children are always attracted to very bright colours so they will tend to pick very intense shades themselves, like bright bubblegum pink and lime greens. Try to go with that colour but up to eight shades lighter, children’s toys, artwork and bedding are generally full of colour, so the wall colour is best suited to a light shade so it becomes the backdrop and lets all the other colours pop.

If you go with a subtle colour on the wall hit your chair or even bookcase with an intense pink, orange or bright red. At Inspirations Paint we stock a great product called Dulux Aquanamel which is an easy to use water based paint that gets a hardwearing enamel finish, and perfect for kids furniture.

If you don't want to have to repaint every time your child changes their favourite colour or as they grow up, use neutral for the walls that can work with changing colour schemes of the furniture and accessories.

A very light almost white pink can work great for a little girl’s room as she changes from purple being her favourite to yellow and even red. For boy’s earthy colours of browns and greys and greyish blues are colours that work best over a period of a time. 

Keep the colour a soft muted tone rather than a bright colour.

Current Trends for Kids Rooms

A soft grey is a perfect colour for babies and young kids especially if it needs to be gender neutral. It looks great with white and looks perfect with most other colours especially baby blues, yellows and pinks. There is a trend for a more contemporary style, opting for patterns and colours such as orange or red, charcoal and navy for boys and pastels for girls.

Feature Walls & Effects

The trend at the moment is to have a neutral base and add interest with paint and decal features. Using a neutral colour on all walls creates a flow and opens up a room, but by getting creative with sectional paint effects or shapes along with the use of decals gives the room a bit of character and style.

Just by using masking tape or painters tape you can you can create stand out patterns by sectioning areas to form geometric shapes or even a feature wall pattern using a variety of completing and contrasting colours in the same colour hue.

Dulux Design Chalkboard paint is a fun and easy paint effect to incorporate into a child’s bedroom. You can paint a big blackboard area or even little squares or circles all over one wall for messages.

Vinyl decal wall stickers are an easy way of adding to the design of a nursery or bedroom and is easy to change or remove as the room changes, and there’s plenty of variety out there at the moment to choose from to get your creative juices flowing.

A great way to get inspired and see what other ideas are out there, is to use Pinterest. You can find loads of tips and tricks for creating effects with paint and if you need help with colour choices or how to tackle your DIY project, Inspirations Paint have all the advice and products you’ll need to give your little one the perfect room.